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Digilent-Sponsored Design Competitions
Digilent is an active participant in electrical and computer engineering programs all around the world. From time to time, we sponsor design competitions that give students an opportunity to challenge themselves using our products, while competing against eachother for cash and prizes. These competitions have resulted in many interesting projects, which we'll highlight here. If you are interested in having Digilent participate in a contest in your area, contact us at

September, 2011
2011 World Finals
Munich, Germany
May, 2011
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
May, 2010
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Highlighted Projects
Here you will find a growing a collection of interesting projects that utilize Digilent products. Have you designed something particularly challenging and interesting using our products? Let us know and we might feature it here! Just send us a detailed email at

Wireless Cerebot 32MX4 Robot
A remote-controlled robot based on the Cerebot32MX4, Digilent Mechatronics robotics parts, and several Pmods. Demonstrates the robotics platform and RF-based remote control. More...

Auto Guitar Hero™ Controller
A Nexys2-based system that analyzes the video stream coming from a Nintendo Wii running Guitar Hero and automatically plays the game through a modified controller. More...

Digilent Shooting Gallery
A shooting gallery where two players compete against eachother, shooting encoded lasers at motorized targets. High-bright LEDs and sound effects top it all off. This one is a crowd favorite at trade shows.More...

Digilent Electromagnet Crane
A motorized crane with a switchable electromagnet, demonstrating the capabilities of the Cerebot Nano. More...
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